A bolder view about narrow mindsets.


The Blogger’s point.

Hey viewers! I have no name but people call me Eufranz. I know it’s a weird name. I’m a guy who loves to keep on thinking. I love books, intellectual discussions, food, and anything that peeks my interest. This blog is about perspectives. Certain topics that are usually or which usually has been presented with one focused idea that i look into and place my opinions based on facts and sometimes, certain theories. My views about certain things are much broader; Heck i can’t sing like a professional but I can deliver emotions through a different technique, this is the essence of this page. I have a passion for eating, reading books, the paranormal, almost anything. So if you have a topic you want me to discuss please talk to me, because I believe that the world should never view a thing with just one pair of binoculars!

– thanks for visiting.